A garden poster is always worth considering

A poster in your home? You undoubtedly had one as a child and perhaps there is still a stylish poster in your home today, but did you know that there are also garden posters? Don't expect a paper copy, because such a poster would not survive long outside, but it does exist. What's more, garden posters are quite popular and adorn many garden walls. Maybe a garden poster is also something for you?

Outdoor posters are made to survive outdoors

The difference between a regular poster and a outdoor poster is the material. An outdoor poster is made of canvas. But then a treated canvas that has a protecting coating, so that rain has no impact on it. Moreover, UV rays do not penetrate, so a garden poster does not suffer from sunlight. This means that a garden poster retains its sparkling colours. And be sure there are colourful garden posters. The range of garden posters is enormous, because in principle you can have any photo you can imagine immortalized on a garden poster.

All formats of garden posters are possible

Are there anything else you should know about a garden poster? Yes, you can also upload your own photo and have it printed on your garden poster. This provides a personal touch in the garden or on the terrace.

The measurements? You decide that completely yourself. You are not bound to a standard size for a garden poster, but you can enter the dimensions yourself. This means that your garden posters always fit in the space provided. Ideal for filling an empty space or covering an entire wall. From mini to XXL, everything is possible. Please make sure that the resolution of your photo is high enough if you send an image yourself. The larger the size, the more important this is. A garden poster is nice, but the photo must be razor sharp.

Finishing your garden completely

A garden poster is available with different hanging systems. You can stick the poster to the wall, but there are many other options. A garden wooden frame, rings, ... there are many web shops that offer numerous options. This way you determine the style that suits your garden. Mounting a garden poster is not that difficult. If you are a little handy, you will undoubtedly succeed.